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Air Nozzle 710 L


Air Nozzle 710 L

หัวฉีดลมทำจากวัสดุสแตนเลสเหมาะสำหรบงาน Havy duty


หัวสเปรย์ลม 710 L

Air nozzle 710 L: with a stainless steel Laval nozzle. Compressed air is utilized optimally in this nozzle, and its introduction constitutes a new dimension in blowing technology. The effect is achieved by surrounding a core of air traveling at supersonic speed with a protective sheath of air moving parallel to the central air jet. The central stream of air in the SILVENT 710 L is generated by a Laval nozzle. The design of the nozzle converts all of the energy stored in the compressed air into kinetic energy without permitting the air jet to expand laterally after it has passed through the nozzle. The protective sheath of air prevents the core stream from being slowed down by the surrounding air and allows it to be utilized at full effect. Turbulence is minimized, thereby lowering the sound level. Fully complies with EU Machine Directive noise limitations and OSHA safety regulations. Patented.







Specifications SI units US units
Blowing force 33.0 N 7.3 lbs
Air consumption 216 Nm³/h 127.1 scfm
Sound level 100 dB(A)  
Air pattern Laval  
Connection G 3/4"  3/4" - 14 NPT
Connection type Female  
Dimensions 41x40 mm 1.61x1.57" 
Material (nozzle) Stainless steel  
Weight 0.261 kg 0.475 lbs
Max temp 400 Cº 752 Fº
Max operating pressure 1.0 MPa 143.0 psi
Replace open pipe 14 mm. 9/16"
Noise reduction 19 dB(A) 73%
Air/Cost savings 147 Nm³/h 41 scfm
Fulfill OSHA standards Yes
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