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10 Truths



10 turths about blowing with copressed air



1) 9 of 10 air guns in use today are dangerous
You know that you are risking your life when you step into a busy street without checking to see if a car is coming. But did you know that your life is at stake when you use an unsafe air gun? Fatal accidents have occurred when air has been forced into the bloodstream. Do you have air guns at your company that can lead to life-threatening accident

The nozzle of a silvent safety gun cannot be blocked by a hand. The maximum amount of pressure a silvent gun can build up against human skin is so low that the risk of air bubbles entering the bloodstream and causing serios injury is negligible. Silvent's safety guns fully comply with the strictest requirements of national authorities throughout the world.



2) Not many know just how much compressed air actually costs
In your shower you use a nozzle that effectively sprays water over your entire body. We simply take this for granted. At the same time, the nozzle saves water and energy. Why don't we apply the same logic at our places of work? In many industries prople seem to think that compressed air is inexpensive or even free. In truth, it is just the opposite. Compressed air is among our most costly sources of energy.

One of several unique advantaes of Silvent's nozzles is that they can reduce air consumption by up to 50% in applications such as cleaning, drying and cooling. Silvent's patented technology utilizes the surrounding air in an efficient manner and conserves large amounts of energy.



3) 70-80% of all hearing loss within the manufacturing industry is caused by compressed air
Noise is like sore muscles or a blister on your heet - it seems harmless and you get used to it. Nothing could be further from the truth. You don't get used to noise, it results in permanent injury. Tinnitus is increasingly common among industrial worker. Hearing loss can never be restored. Who is responsible for the working environment at your company?

Silvent's patented nozzles and safety guns reduce air turbulace and thereby lower the noise level by at least 8-10 dB(A). This is experienced by the human ear as if the noise level has been cut in half. Using Silvent products minimizes the risk of contracting tinnitus and other serious forms of hearing loss.



4) Many people believe that any old piece of pipe is a satisfactory solution
Shopping in a convenience store is quick and easy. But in the long run, it is expensive. All too often  a piece of pipe that happens to be lying nearby is installed when there is a need for compressed air. Of course this gets the job done, but 90% of all these "open pipe installations" are over-dimensioned and waste enormous amounts of energy. If you are seeking quick and easy compressed air solutions, the end results are likely to be costly in the long run.


Silvent offers the world's widest range of compressed air nozzles. Our nozzles will reduce energy consumption considerably as the blowing force and air pattern can easily be adapted to the job at hand.



5) The use of compressed air doesn't need to mean a bad working environment
How would we react if every vehicle in our vicinity was not equipped with a muffler? Could we stand to be in the midst of city traffic during rush hour? Industry's enormous need for compressed air is certainly unquestionable today. But why accept a noisy working environment that can lead to stress, headaches and nausea? Do you wish to contribute to a better enviroment at your palce of work?

Solution :
Silvent's patented compressed air nozzles cut the noise level in half. this reduction means a considerable improvement of the working environment. Beyond any doubt there is a clear correlation between a good working environment and good personnel performace. 



6) Air guns are often not adapted to the job they must perform
Do you use a crescent wrench to drive a mail? Of course not! But most prople use the same air gun for every type of blowing operation. Blowing away heavy metal turning requires much more force than generalpurpose cleaning. This is obvious to you, isn't it?

Silvent has the largest assortment of safety air guns in the world. There is always a gun to suit your particular need. The right equipment gets the job done quickly, easily and efficiently.