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Air Nozzle

(Application air nozzles/air knive)



ใช้หัวฉีดลมรุ่นต่าง ๆ  

Holmen Paper AB
Industry  : Paper & Pulp 
Function: Cleaning  
product: open pipe

Nozzles Picture No.1 (หัวฉีดลมรูปที่ 1)

Holmen Paper AB
After installing a Silvent nozzle, the noise level as well as the air consumption was reduced by more than 50%
Industry: Paper & Pulp   
Function: Cleaning  
Product: air nozzle 710

Nozzles Picture No.2 (หัวฉีดลมรูปที่ 2)

Infalting a plastic bag

Industry: Food Processing  
Function: Inflating
Product: Air nozzles 200

Nozzles Picture No.3 (หัวฉีดรูปที่ 3)


Blowing cleanprior to painting

Industry: Automotive  
Function: Cleaning
Product: Air nozzles 407

Nozzles Picture No.4 (หัวฉีดรูปที่ 4)


Silvent halved both the noise level and energy costs at Sandvik Bacho

Industry: Engineering  
Function: Ejection 
Product: Air nozzles 705

Nozzles Picture No.5 (หัวฉีดลมรูปที่ 5)


Silvent High Force Blowing Tool solved problems at British Steel

Industry: Steel & Aluminum  
Function: Cleaning
Product: Air nozzles 1212

Nozzles Picture No.6 (หัวฉีดลมรูปที่ 6)


Doughnyt nozzle

Industry: Manufacturing
Function: Cleaning
Product: Air nozzles 456

Nozzles Picture No.7 (หัวฉีดลมรูปที่ 7)