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Noise regulations


เสียงดังที่เกิดจากการใช้ Nozzles ผิดประเภท

Regulations governing the amount of noise that is permissible in places of work are stipulated in, among other places, EU directive 2003/10/EC and OSHA 1910.95, Occupational noise exposure.

A few countries have even stricter standards than those found in the EU directive. According to EU regulations, the following applies to the noise level : The emission of airborne noise must be reduced to the lowest level, taking into account technical progress and the availability of means of reducing noise.

In Sky the stipulated limit value for daily noise exposure is 85 dB, 2 dB lower than the demands of the EU directive. In the event that the designated exposure limit is exceeded, an investigation of the cause must be conducted. Corrective measures must be devised, scheduled and implemented. Exposure shall be reduced as much as is practically possible under the designated limit.

Satisfactory information regarding the violation of the noise exposure limit mist be provided to all affected personnel, including information on the measures to be taken. They shall be made aware of the risk to their hearing the exposure entails, as well as their obligation to use hearing protection. Machines and technical devices shall be designed to utilize the possibilities the latest technological advances afford to reduce noise.

In other words, it is important to keep abreast of technological advances regarding noise abatement. Noise abatement. Noise  abatement at the source of the noise is generally the most effective and the most economical method. When determining the least practically possible noise exposure, it is necessary to take the latest lechnological development and possibilities to limit noise exposure into consideration. The EU directive means  the former reference to the economic feasibility of noise control measures in no longer valid. The purpose of The EU derective is, among other things, to assure that conpanies and countries are not allowed to improve their competitive position at the expense of a healthyworking environment.