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Improved cooling for blow moulding article

          The Swedish company Gnosjoplast is one of the leading producers of injection moulded and blow moulded components for the industry and the automotive sector. In the manufacturing process, compressed air is sometimes used for cooling of the components.

          Previously, in one of the machines, a pair of blow pipe with a large number of small drilled holes was used to blow compressed air towards the component. This solution created problems with high noise level and high energy consumption

          Replacing the blow pipes with 2 pcs Silvent 366 air knifes resulted in major improvement of the application. Apart from lower noise level and air consumption, the cooling efficiency and thereby the quality of the manufacturing process was improved.

        Silvent 366 is an air knife with small mounting dimensions which makes it suitable for machine designs where space is limited. The air knife generates a broad but flat air cone and combines the advantages of low noise level, low air consumption and high blowing efficiency.

Function Cooling
Industry Plastic and Rubber
Product Air nozzles