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Air gun 751-S


Blowing force equivalent to an ordinary gun


Safety gun 751-S
safety gun 751-S provides blowing forces that are comparable to an ordinary air gun. naturally, the lower the blowing force, the lower the sound level and energy consumption. If you do not need additional blowing force, you should choose this nozzle. In other respects this gun is the same as the 755-S. Patented

Fully meets the EU Machine Directive's noise limitation requirements and OSHA's safet regulations.

Pistol grip 750, stainless steel nozzle 701

Order number : 751-S




  SI units US units
Blowing force 3.2 N 11.3 oz
Air Consumption 21 Nm³/h 12.4 scfm
Sound Level 82 dB(A)  
Air pattern Wide  
Connection 1/2" BSP 1/2" - 14 NPT
Connection type Female  
Material (nozzle) Stainless steel  
Weight 0.490 kg 1.080 lbs
Max temp 70 Cº 158 Fº
Max operating pressure 1.0 MPa 143.0 psi