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Air gun 2055-A-100


Improve safety - choose the right extension pipe length


 Model : 2055-A-100 is a safety gun fitted with an aerodynamic aluminum nozzle that offers a blowing force that is equivalent to 5 conventional air guns. Despite this exceptional blowing force, the sound level is comparable to atht of an ordinary gun. The 2055-A is a powerful and handy safety air gun that is suitable whenever you need high blowing force to get the job done. Fully complies with OSHA safety regulations and EU Machine Directive noise limitations. Patented.     



  SI units US units
Blowing force 13.5 N 47.7 oz
Air Consumption 92 Nm³/h 54.1 scfm
Sound Level 93 dB(A)  
Air pattern Wide  
Connection 3/8" BSP 3/8" - 18 NPT
Connection type Female  
Material (nozzle) Aluminum  
Weight 0.240 kg 0.529 lbs
Max temp 70 Cº 158 Fº
Max operating pressure 1.0 MPa 143.0 psi
Min. perating pressure 0.2 MPa 28.6 psi











An example of how an air gun equipped with a "safety tip" works is pictured below:

Under normal conditions of use, air is discharged through the nozzle opening.   If the tip of the gun is blocked, air is discharged through the relief ports thereby reducing pressure at the tip to a safe level.








Flying Chip Exposure :
Using a compressed air gun to blow off debris in tight quarters can subject the user to "chip flyback". This refers to the tendency for small particles to be projected back toward the user. In order to guard against this hazard, effective chip protection must be utilized. This can be accomplished through the use of screens or barrier. Another option is using air guns that are designed to project a protective "cone" of air around the nozzle. This "cone" of air provides enough force to divert particles, thereby protecting the user.

Personal protective equipment (PPE) is used to provide an additional level of defense against chip flyback. Googles, face shields, or other eye protection must be always be worn by compressed air users regardless of what other precautions have been taken. Safety glasses would be considered the minimum level of PPE required to be worn while using compressed air.

Safe Work Practices :
The following is a summary of safe work practices that should be followed when using copressed air : 

► Ensure that excessive pressure and chip flyback hazards are effectively controlled.
► Always wear the appropriate personal protective equipment. As stated previously, eye protection must be worn when using compressed air.
► Never use compressedair to clean clothing or the body. This greatly increases the risk of an air gun directly contacting the body. Particles can also easily become dislodged and enter the skin or eyes. Use a safe alternative such as a brush or vacuum tool.
► Never participate in horseplay with compressed air. Never point an air gun or direct air toward another individual.
► Never tamper with air guns or modify them in any way. Homemade devices added to air guns usually increase the potential for injury.