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Air Knives 310 Z+


New Model Air knives nozzle 310 Z+

Air knives มีดลม 310 Z+ รุ่นใหม่สามารถต่อเพิ่มจำนวนหัวฉีดลมได้


Order no: 310 Z+

is a modular, energy-efficient air knife that generates an extremely strong and effective blowing force with an exceptionally low sound level. Compressed air is optimally used in this air knife. Its unique design introduced a completely new blowing technology feature. The aerodynamic nozzle design achieves the effect by maximizing entrainment of air. Each orifice is also uniquely designed to optimize the entrainment area. SILVENT 310 Z+ modules can easily be combined to achieve the desired length of the air knife. Fully compliant with EU Machinery Directive noise limits and OSHA safety reglations. Patented.




  SI units US units
Blowing force 30.0 N 6.6 lbs
Air consumption 152.0 Nm³/h 89.5 scfm
Sound level 90 dB(A)  
Air pattern Flat  
Connection G1/2"  1/2" - 14 NPT
Connection type Female  
Dimensions 153x28x80 mm 6.02x1.10x3.15" 
Material (nozzle) Zytel  
Weight 0.000 kg 0.000 lbs
Max temp 180 Cº 356 Fº
Max operating pressure 1.0 MPa 143.0 psi
Replace open pipe 12 mm. 1/2"
Noise reduction 26 dB(A) 84%
Air/Cost savings 114 Nm³/h 43 scfm
Fulfill OSHA standards Yes
Meet the EU Machine






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