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Flat air nozzle 961


Flat air nozzle 961
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Flat air model: 961


Order no: 961

Nozzle 961: a small, angled flat nozzle that generates a broad but thin blowing pattern. Small mounting dimensions make it especially suitable for machine designs where space limitations are a problem. In many cases mounting is facilitated by the fact that the blowing angle is perpendicular to the plane of the threads. Can also be mounted in a manifold array, creating compact, quiet and efficient air knives. Made of zinc.
The outlet orifices are protected against external forces by fins. SILVENT 961 fulfills the requirements the EU Machine Directive stipulates regarding airborne noise from machines and fully meets OSHA safety regulations. Patented.




  SI units US units
Blowing force 3.3 N 11.6 lbs
Air consumption 19.5 Nm³/h 11.5 scfm
Sound level 81.5 dB(A)  
Air pattern Flat  
Connection G 1/8"  1/8" - 27 NPT
Connection type male  
Dimensions 23.9x23.5x13.4 mm 0.94x0.93x0.53" 
Material (nozzle) Zinc  
Weight 0.038 kg 0.084 lbs
Max temp 70 Cº 158 Fº
Max operating pressure 1.0 MPa 143.0 psi
Replace open pipe 4 mm. 5/32"
Noise reduction 13 dB(A) 60%
Air/Cost savings 10 Nm³/h 33 scfm
Fulfill OSHA standards Yes
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Order no: PSK 18 Order no: FV 18 Order no: KV 18
air knives 364    
Order no: 364    


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