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2055-A-500 used in chewing gum factory

2055-A used in chewing gum factory


Function Cleaning
Industry Food processing
Product Safety air guns

  Here a chewing gum machine is being cleaned with a Silvent 2055-A.

This safety air gun is fitted with an extension pipe and has five times the blowing force of a conventional air gun.



MODEL : 2055-A

2055-A is a safety gun fitted with an aerodynamic aluminum nozzle that offers

a blowing force that is equivalent to 5 conventional air guns. Despite this exceptional

blowing force, the sound level is comparable to that of an ordinary gun. The 2055-A is

a powerful and handy safety air gun that is suitable whenever you need high blowing

force to get the job done. Fully complies with OSHA safety regulations and EU Machine

Directive noise limitations. Patented.





Order no : 2055-A

Blowing force 13.5 N (47.7 oz)
Air consumption 92 Nm³/h (54.1 scfm)
Sound level 93 dB (A)  
Air pattern Wide  
Connection 3/8" BSP 3/8" - 18 MPT


Meterial (nozzle) Aluminum